Bringing Up Baby

A quintessential romp, Howard Hawks’ 1938 Hepburn/Grant vehicle lives up to the director’s reputation for success in any genre, and far exceeds its own initial bad press. Grant plays an earnest and (uncharacteristically) unglamorous archeologist foiled in his efforts to complete an important dinosaur skeleton by the flighty Hepburn—and her troublesome leopard. Although it was not necessarily made for children, the chaotic action and silly dialogue will definitely appeal to younger viewers; indeed, the characters themselves are essentially juvenile, with simple, child-like objectives and wonderfully childish ways of accomplishing them. Hawk’s quick pace and broad humor makes Bringing Up Baby an ideal connecting point between generations, nostalgic enough for parents or grandparents—who probably still know the words to the song—without boring the kids.

Stacey Snider

Film Info

Title: Bringing Up Baby (1938)
Country of Origin: US
Running Time: 102 min
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 1.37:1
Sound Mix: Mono (RCA Victor System)
Color: B/W
Certification: US: Approved (PCA #3752) / Finland: S / Germany: 12 / Sweden: Btl / UK: PG / Argentina: Atp
Releasing Company: Image Entertainment Inc. [us] (USA) (laserdisc), RKO Radio Pictures Inc. [us], Radio Filmes [pt] (Portugal), Turner Classic Movies (TCM) [us] (USA) (VHS)
Producer: Howard Hawks, Cliff Reid
Director: Howard Hawks
Writer: Hagar Wilde (story and screenplay), Dudley Nichols
Cinematographer: Russell Metty
Designer: Van Nest Polglase
Editor: George Hively
Composer: Roy Webb
Genre: Comedy / Romance / Family