About Us

The Children’s Media Review is part of the Children’s Media Initiative in the BYU Department of Theatre and Media Arts. CMI has a number of components, but they’re all built around a central idea, and a main objective. We want to help families and communities, which is to say parents and teachers and the kids they care for, understand, enjoy and make edifying use of the media in their lives. This does not mean that we have, or think we have all the answers. In fact, as is often the case with the arts, and with people things in general, it’s kind of hard to come up with single, definitive responses to the various challenges that we encounter. There are too many complicating factors for that: individual subjectivity and world view, diverse family dynamics, community strengths and challenges. My choices and priorities aren’t yours, nor should they be. But regardless, or maybe because of our differing circumstances, a conversation between us can be of great mutual benefit.

That brings us to the present offering. The Children’s Media Review is made up of pieces written by media students and faculty in the TMA department at BYU. Our thoughts are the product of a lot of time spent
in classes and in conversation, in department film and television productions, in our homes and just sitting around, thinking about the issues at hand. Our conclusions aren’t meant to be final, and they may well reflect internal contradictions. For us, this is to the good. We don’t want to be a consumer report, but rather a forum for the voicing of important concerns, the articulating of helpful ideas, and the working out of ways that these things might be applied in particular situations. Like you, we are in the process of figuring ourselves out, and that figuring will and should be reflected here. For all that, we do dare to speak, feeling that we have identified a few problems and possible solutions, as well as a number of happy opportunities relating to media in the home, and for the family.

Our site is selective, not exhaustive. We have not written about every family film ever made, and not necessarily about the most famous and acclaimed ones. Our articles touch upon important ideas, but we are
mindful of how much more there is to address. We intend to get there. We wish this to be a long term site for a long term discussion. As time passes, new things will appear, and then and then be added unto by even newer things. We look forward to continued working, thinking and communicating with you.